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Things I've shared with Wil Wheaton...

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As part of a new customer service feature here at Zoomshare my photo was taken to associate a face with a person, one of many of course, behind the curtain. I was kindly offered the chance to have a photo taken off-center, as to keep the illusion of the wizard. Well, I've been involved with the "information superhighway" a little too long for that, as this little photo from the Clown Sweater Project will attest to.


On the plus side said sweater gives me two degrees of separation from Wil Wheaton . I knew the owner of said sweater, a co-worker at the time, who in turn captured photographic evidence, that ended up on the superhighway, of said sweater on said famous person. Better yet, the event Wil mentions in his post, an EFF benefit at the DNA Lounge, I attended in person, for which I have my own video evidence of.

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