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In a previous post I discussed a bit about generating interest and traffic to one's Zoomshare website. I touched on some of the methods I used to let potential viewers know of this site, pdw @ zoomshare. The goal was to focus on people and places that might make up my potential audience, sharing a URL and brief info with friends or acquaintances by email or web forum. The brief info might be about the site in general or it might be a specific page of interest.

I also discussed a bit about measuring the results of those efforts, since, alas, most viewers won't announce their visit of one's site. My focus was on 'visitors' to the site via the discipline of web metrics and analytics, but that isn't the only measure on can use. For example, there are a number of 'unscientific' methods to poll the popularity of a site or web content. One method that we're providing via the Zoomshare Toolbar is for Digg.

Over at All About Zoomshare we have an article on how Digg works and the Digg this Page link on the Zoomshare Toolbar. To summarize, Digg allows people a method to express their interest, and in doing so share that interest with others, about a site or page. Thus in one place a Zoomshare user can share and measure interest in a very quick and dirty way.

The best way to use Digg, in my humble option, still starts by working with one's built-in audience. To start one will need one's audience to express and share their interest, by at least voting for or 'digging' something about your Zoomshare site. To be sure not everyone will, but Digg does provide a method for those who will. From their the Digg entry will bubble up on various Digg lists or searches such that others, who might not have a direct or indirect knowledge of one's site, but does have an interest in one's topic, can discover, view and perhaps Digg one's site.

Stepping back to pdw @ zoomshare, I gave Digg a try on a specific blog entry that I knew would generate feedback. Once the initial work got out those audience members who wished to expressed their appreciation on the article by 'digging' the site. While the overall total might seem low - 24 diggs at last count - I can attest to the fact that there are visitors to my blog who, if not for Digg, might not have found out about a story, and possible blog, of interest.

In other words, check out the Digg article and then give it a try!

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