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Random iPhone Speculation

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Last week Apple made its official announcements about iPhone carriers in Europe, including its partnership with T-Mobile in Germany. Now, as a T-Mobile customer in the USA (and the only other GSM provider in the States) I'm wondering how discriminating the T-Mobile branded iPhone for Germany is going to be since T-Mobile in the USA and T-Mobile in Germany are sister companies (they are both subsidiaries of Deutsch Telekom) and the only real road block with a USA T-Mobile iPhone is Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T. Would a SIM from a USA T-Mobile customer work in a T-Mobile Germany iPhone? Would the German iPhone be localized for just the German language, for a German-based phone number? Other than the phone number and provider information do SIMs have any other distinguishing information that the iPhone software could use to filter and limit use on?

In other words, can a 'locked' T-Mobile iPhone for the German market accept without issue a T-Mobile SIM from the US?

Doubt, I'm the only one who has posted this question, but it might be all for nought anyway. Given the current Dollar to Euro rate the €399 price of the 8GB model becomes $562. Plus of course shipping from Germany oh and befriending a German, and perhaps paying them a little for their time and effort your talking at least $600. That's more than a overprice unlocked iPhone on eBay is currently selling for....

On the plus side one wouldn't need to worry about a future iPhone software update breaking one's unlocked phone.

Comments anyone?

Latest Widget

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As promised last week, here is the latest widget from the zoomshare widget factory:

Sneak Peek

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What's been going on behind the scenes at zoomshare recently? Well lots of things. Yes, even with a wedding and a honeymoon, I've been putting in a few hours of work and well, I'm happy to say a new widget will be on its way in a few days.

You'll recall that there are currently three Zoomshare Widgets for use; Flipbook, YouTube and Google Video. At the time I promised more widgets to come and the first of those new widgets is getting ready to spring to life. (By the way, if your curious, as of this writing the YouTube widget is the most popular widget of the original three, followed by Flipbook and Google Video.)

What you maybe wondering is this new Zoomshare Widget? Well its a feed aggregator. With it a zoomshare user can collect and display one or more of the latest news stories on their site. Want to keep your readers up on the latest sports news? Well now you can. Or perhaps you want to keep up on the video game scene, no problem. We've collected several dozen news sources for you with topics ranging from Entertainment to Zoomshare itself. And you can always add your own feeds, including your zoomshare blog!

What's great, in my option, about the new widget is the user interface we've put together. Unlike Flipbook for example, this latest widget can be customized so its color scheme will match the rest of your zoomshare site. Plus, a site visitor can control the widget to display stories at a pace of their choosing, even jump ahead or jump back all with a minimal amount of effort.

Sounds neat right? Well then keep your eyes out for it, because it's coming to a website near you!

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