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This week's zoomshare feature of note is our new Zoomshare Welcome Screen. This splash screen presents a zoomshare user a listing of news stories from our Welcome to Zoomshare : News site when they first login on each day (actually every 12 hours currently).

Zoomshare Welcome Screen

While it would be nice to think that all our users check out our staff sites, Forums, All About Zoomshare and Welcome to Zoomshare : News everyday to get the latest scoop on zoomshare, in reality we know its hard enough just for us internally to keep tabs on everything. Hence the splash screen.

So what exactly is the difference between Forums, All About Zoomshare and Welcome to Zoomshare : News? Forums is community driven, we post there, but we don't drive the topics or discussion. There are threads for zoomshare specific news, feature updates and help, but in general Forums is for the people, by the people.

All About allows us, the staff, to post aids and resources for users on features new and old. For example, we have articles on using a Zoomshare site for school or video tutorials on customizing a Zoomshare site.

Welcome to Zoomshare : News and to a greater extent the new splash screen, provides us with a mechanism to post announcements and system status updates about Zoomshare to as many users as possible, in a quick, direct manner.

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