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From pdw @ zoomshare with help from The Bureau of Communication via Laughing Squid:

Why not fanatical in my Macworld prediction? Well Rupert Murdoch as a celeb on stage with Steve Jobs is just a wild and crazy (but funny if you ask me) guess. If I really had to say who would be on stage with Mr. Jobs it would be Jim Gianopulos/Tom Rothman, co-chairman-CEOs of Fox Filmed Entertainment or John Lasseter



$9.99?! Variable pricing, yes, $9.99 is too high for rentals though. Consider that most B-Movies can be purchased new for $5.99 and up; Video store rentals for new, hit movies tend towards $3.99 for a one-day rental; To make an i-tunes movie rental competitive, it could not be any more than $4.99 (convenience factor), and I'd suggest that would be a more likely purchase price. I'd bet on $2.99 for a rental price.Also, Rupert Murdoch would burst into flame if he set foot in the same room as Steve Jobs :>

You know to be perfectly honest I think I've only "rented" one movie in the last 3 years. The one movie was a Pay-Per-View on Dish. I think it was $3.99 so that could be the right price range. I guess the real question is how long the rental period will be for, how many devices can it be played on before expiring and where in the release cycle (theater to second run - hotels/airplanes to pay-per-view to rentals/dvd release) will iTunes Movies sit at.....

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