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I know given the last great post it has been at little silent on this blog. Well it's hard to top something as random as SciFi poetry and frankly it is not always fun and games here at Zoomshare. I mean we've been quite busy rolling out a new set of features for our photo album tool and addressing user feedback.

Given that, I want to take a moment to seriously reflect a bit on what's been going on since my last post.

To best reflect I offer samples of two conversations from the past two weeks involving myself and a few others touching a bit on the deeper meanings of life:

sare: back now
pdw: hey I'm back too
peenworm: this is great, everyone's back
pdw: alright!
peenworm: not that i went far, just to the kitchen, and Dexter is inventing traps for ghosts
sare: i am not sure i was ever truly "here" till i joined irc chat.
sare: "do i exist outside of irc channel?", is my existential question of the day...
pdw: Do I exist inside of irc? Or is this some digital bit of a whole me?
pdw: Or, if an IRCbot crashes and no one is around, does it make a sound?
sare: woah. i'm afraid my brain is too mushy to even try to fathom that level of depth.

Or if you're looking for morality in the physical world instead of souls in the virtual one:

Brandon: Oh okay. I was just wondering. Hey if you were in a 7-11 and there was a fire, do you think it would be a dishonest act to take a slice of pizza and eat it?
Me: depends, am I in the 7-11 on July 11th?
Brandon: Ha! Yes.
Me: well then no, its a sign from the Gods of Kobal, and I'd take the pizza and run
Brandon: That's what I would do. It is going to burn up anyways, yet my parents think it would be stealing when I asked them.

Discuss amongst yourselves...


Clearly...Pizza is too good to pass up. I'd allow the virtual IRC ghost souls to float into the burning 711 embers and grab it for me... thereby absolving myself of any accountability!

Pizza is too yummy, and your gonna die anyway.. So take it!Well... Maybe Sare is right get an IRC ghost to bring it up to you...Do they even have the internet up there? It better be broadband!!So anyways... Take it or wait and maybe the ghost will bring extra slices..

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