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To my non-Illinoisan friends who watched Jon Stewart last night I offer these three simple facts:

1) The people of Illinois had soured on Mr. Blagojevich's budgeting by fiat long before the formal charges of corruption. Before his indictment his approval rating was between 20% - 30%

2) Mr. Blagojevich (should) know that the rules and reasons for impeachment are different than those of a criminal (or even civil) trial. While there are many explanations and interpretations for this I offer the most simple and straightforward: We deserve a Governor who is above reproach.

3) Everyone, even the disgraced governor, wants to focus on the "(bleep)ing golden" Senate seat. However, "selling" of the Senate seat is only one of pending criminal charges. He is also charged with attempting to bride the Tribune company with state funds while selling its ownership stake in the Chicago Cubs and attempting to gain campaign funds from the Children's Memorial Hospital, among others.

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