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What is a Strong Password?
First published: 19th of August 2014 for Orbit Media Studios Passwords are a pain. They are required for too many…
Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet
As an everyday consumer I pay an Internet service provider (ISP) a monthly fee for access to the Internet.…
How to Secure Your Website Part III: Keeping You and Your Website Safe
First published: 30th of May 2014 for Orbit Media Studios History In the late 1960s the mathematician Whitfield Diffie, now a…
How to Secure Your Website Part II: Storage
First published: 25th of Feb 2014 for Orbit Media Studios Security is about reducing risk. All devices connected to the…
How to Secure Your Website Part I: Communication
First published: 16th of Dec 2013 for Orbit Media Studios Security is about risk management. Online, security is about reducing…
Cleaning House
Over on Facebook a few days ago I commented about a personal "new year" project of reorganizing (first the home…
PHP, Nagios and MySQL Replication
Overview MySQL replication is a handy way to distribue database processes across several servers. For example, a simple "master-slave"…
WWDC 2012 Predictions
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference starts this week, which means it is time for everyone under the sun to make predictions…
So weird, Connecting HavenCo and Red Hat
It's a bit weird to be reading about Red Hat posting $1 billion in revenue in a year for the…


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