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A couple of weeks back I made note of a survey that indicated, among other things, that 70% of those working in the web development field felt that there was definitely no gender bias in their workplace. The irony being that the sample audience responding to that question was 84% percent male.

Rich Bowen points out today an ongoing uproar in the Ruby community about sexism and a general lack of professionalism at a technical conference and the community as a whole.

So much for that lack of gender bias....

Here's the thing, this isn't about some hippy pie-in-the-sky can't-we-all-just-get-along. As I mentioned previously this is about the strength of an industry as a whole, "groupthink can lead to the lost of ... creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking."

As J Aaron Farr says in his own commentary, "in the long run, a large, diverse community of contributors provides ... stability and quality."

jun 30 06

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From ApacheCon EU 2006 we have slides from running a Private Certificate Authority (HTML and PDF) and slides for Apache 2.2 and mod_proxy_balancer Introduction (HTML and PDF). Any Questions?

apr 30 06

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If your summer conference plans include ApacheCon EU in Dublin this June, then your welcome to sit in on my session covering the Apache Web Server, mod_ssl and private certificate authorities.

jan 30 04

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From the Getting Up and Running with Apache 2.0 on Linux Tour we have HTML and PDF (948 KB) slides.

oct 28 03

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Missed the Hands-on Tutorial 'Getting Up and Running with Apache 2.0 on Linux' at LinuxWorld San Francisco in August? Not to worry, you can catch it again at LinuxWorld New York this coming January.

aug 12 03

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may 09 03

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Well, Apache Week has beaten me to the punch in announcing that I'll be giving a Hands-on Tutorial on 'Getting up and Running with Apache 2.0 on Linux' at LinuxWorld San Francisco in August. Register now for the Early Bird Discount!

mar 12 03

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Slashdot today includes a positive review of Professional Apache Security (who's co-authors include yours truly). So, go read the review, or better yet pick up a copy of the book for your own review.

dec 16 02

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Looking for a last minute gift for a techie? You can help them in becoming 'The Apache Security Guru' of their cubicle row by pre-ordering them a copy of Professional Apache Security from Wrox Press.

dec 06 02

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From ApacheCon US 2002, we have my article as featured in last week's Apache Week (even made it to Slashdot), photos from the conference and even a new, signed PGP Key.

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