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2005 White Sox Win

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Tonight the 106th edition of Major League Baseball's championship series, the World Series, gets underway and I have a minor stake in the game, having once been a resident of San Francisco.

But my major stake in the World Series happen five years ago when the Chicago White Sox took on, and beat, the Houston Astros. I was lucky enough to attend Game 2 of the ALCS and Game 2 of the World Series, thanks to my mother.

Besides keeping score of the game, I also shot some video. But these days, nothing beats a mashup on YouTube, so here's my mashup/retrospective; home video of Paul Konerko's Grand Slam in Game 2 of 2005 World Series combined with Joe Buck's call for the national broadcast on Fox.


Perl Module WebService::Viddler on CPAN

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Back in March I outlined an idea for a Perl module for accessing the video service Viddler. As I noted, at the time, while there was plenty of support for the Viddler Application Programming Interface via PHP, the support for Perl was quite anemic.

To help rectify the situation, in my "copious" free time I've been working on an Perl module that wraps around Viddler's API. The goal being to provide a quick method for integrating Perl-based applications with Viddler.

Today, I'm happy to announce the first working release of my effort, WebService::Viddler, which can be found at CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network).

As I mentioned, at the heart of things, WebService::Viddler is an object-oriented encapsulation of the Viddler video platform providing a Perl specific focus for access via their public API, which itself is documented at:

Currently this module is, at best, beta quality code and only supports version 1 of the Viddler API. Moreover, while it handles most of the v1 API methods, it currently lacks support for the two commenting related methods, videos-comments-add and videos-comments-remove (a more complete To Do list can be found in the provided README file.

Of course the advantage of the module is that it makes including Viddler in a Perl-based application, dead simple:

#!/usr/bin/perl -T

use strict;
use warnings;

use WebService::Viddler;
use Data::Dumper;

# Create our object and establish a session
my $videos = new WebService::Viddler( 
                         apiKey => '123456ABCDEF',
                         username => $username,
                         password => $password,

# Get and print the API version is use
print "API Version: " .$videos->api_getInfo(). "\n";

# Upload a video providing required information such as the 
# title, tag and description
                         "A little video clip of...", 

# Get the details of the given video and
# use Data::Dumper help print out the values in the list results
print Dumper( $videos->videos_getDetailsByUrl( 
              "" ));

# Get a list of videos by the given tag and
# use Dumper to help print out the values in the list results
print Dumper( $videos->videos_getByTag( "moon" ));

Questions, bugs and code suggestions are of course welcomed!

Atlas V Launch of Intelsat 14

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I captured the following video of a nighttime Atlas V rocket launch I witnessed, along side my father, while in Central Florida on Thanksgiving vacation with my family.

Note that I've modified the audio a bit to try an enhance the interesting bits while muting distracting background noises. That is, I've boosted up the countdown from a nearby radio scanner while muting the sound of cars passing by on the highway. Given the distance between the pad and the viewing location, the sound of the rocket boosters are not noticeable until about 1:35 mark.

The launch occurred at 1:55 am EST on November 23rd, 2009 from pad SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral. The video was shot just north of Florida Highway 528, about 13 miles south of the launch complex.

Red Marker denotes Launchpad 41, Green Marker denotes Viewing Location

The Atlas V rocket launch was preformed by United Launch Alliance and contained an international telecommunications satellite, Intelsat 14, which is slated to replace the Intelsat 1R satellite currently in operation. Intelsat 14 was successfully launched into a transfer orbit that will eventually place it into a circular geostationary orbit over the equator at 45 degrees west longitude.

In addition to bridging commercial intercontinental telecommunications, Intelsat 14 contains experimental equipment on behalf of the Department of Defense designed by Cisco known as Internet Routing in Space (IRIS). The "space router" is designed to test routing IP traffic in orbit, eliminating the need to send data to and from additional ground stations for network routing and in turn promises to allow U.S. military, allied forces and possible future commercial operators to quickly communicate using the Internet protocol for voice, video and data relay to remote locations all over the world.

Election Night Reaction

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Xavier Lopez-Ayala, who was in charge of New Media for the Obama Camapign in Minnesota, posted this video taken from the campaign hotel room in St. Paul of us watching as Obama, with his family, emerged to accpet his election to the Presidency.

It is a bit hard to make out everyone, given the lighting and Xavi's quick panning of the room, but I am there and "on camera" briefly (I'm standing directly behind Xavi). Others in the room inclide State Director Jeff Blodgett, Political and Surrogate Directors Dominick Washington and C. Scott Cooper, Operations Director Chris Pohlad and State Field Director Jaci Urness among many others.

In fact, the original Facebook posting of this video has a more complete listing of individuals and comments.

Vid of the Day

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If you spent your time while watching the above "music video" trying to name all of the various software applications on that Mac instead of watching the lovely lady, you probably need to get out more.

Yes, I was playing "name that app" the first time I watched it, but I'm married....;-)

Via Thought Palace

More "Stupid" //c Tricks

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Via BYTECellar. More information in this thread in the comp.sys.apple2.programmer newsgroup.

oct 31 05

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Not a trick, but a serious treat: "A White Sox Winner and World Championship!" Take a look at the video from Game 2.

Red Line to 35th St

White Sox 2005 World Series Game 2 Starters

Taking in Game 2

Paul Konerko's 7th Inning Grand Slam Off of Chad Qualls with 2 Out

Memories of Game 2

dec 03 04

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Ah, yes that time of year again, family and shopping. Well, hopefully this little slide show from Thanksgiving will make the rest of the season feel worth while.

Slide show video of photos from Lake Tahoe, Thanksgiving '04

nov 22 03

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A little video clip of the moon I took this summer using a 5'' reflecting telescope. Added a little soundtrack as well and no, the soundtrack is not Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra.

Moon with Yo-Yo Ma's Prelude to Suite No. 1 in G Major

jul 31 03

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In honor of Major League Baseball's trade deadline, I offer personal video clips (QT) and photos from Major League Baseball's 2003 All Star Game.

AL Starting Line Up

Esteban Loaiza, Chi White Sox, AL Starting Pitcher

Barry Bonds, SF Giants, NL At Bat

Jason Schmidt, SF Giants, NL Starting Pitcher v. Alfonso Soriano, NY Yankees, AL At Bat

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