The following pages relate to professional work I have done over the years, the bits about my current and past "daytime" jobs.

The following biography provides a quick overview of work I have done, while my resume provides a more formal review.

Campaign for Change
As IT Director for Minnesota Campaign for Change I worked with state campaign leaders, primarily the Operations, New Media and Data Directors, to identify and develop technological solutions to assist the campaign staff in organizing support for Senator Obama's presidential campaign in a "key battleground state."

These posts provide an overview of some of these trials and tribulations faced on the campaign trail

Assisted in maintaining and enhancing the company's main product Zoomshare, a web-based service that provides individuals with an easy to create personal web site.

These posts provide an overview of features and developments presented to users while at Zoomshare.

C2Net Software and Red Hat
While working at Red Hat and C2Net Software, provided database-engineering expertise for design, development and management of an in-house e-mail and web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Trained staff in the proper utilization of the CRM database system.

Some pages about the work I did for Red Hat including presentations I gave on the Apache Web Server, the Apache module, mod_ssl and on the open source security toolkit OpenSSL.

Details on my position at C2Net Software and Stronghold Web Server which is now part of Red Hat