Beginning Unix Co-author of Beginning Unix, a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the Unix operating system for those with just starting out with Linux, Unix, BSD or Mac OSX. This book begins with the fundamentals and works from the ground up to some of the more advanced programming techniques.
Is Linux Annoying? An article on Linux Annoyances for O'Reilly's
Professional Apache Security Co-author of Professional Apache Security, a comprehensive overview of security related issues of interest for web admins, security analysts and web developers. Slashdot review.
ApacheCon US 2002 News article featured in Apache Week covering the highlights of ApacheCon US 2002.
O'Reilly Open Source Conference 2002 This article, highlighting the main events, ran in the 303 and 304 issues of Apache Week.
Apache and SSL An article previewing a conference talk for 2002 O'Reilly Open Source Conference on Apache and SSL. The article was also highlighted in the April 19th issue of Apache Week as well as the Apache section of
Beyond Linux Another article written for Wide Open News, this time about the Matthew Szulik's Linuxworld Keynote Speech.
The Great Debate An article written for Wide Open News about the O'Reilly Open Source Conference.
Web Security: Apache and mod_ssl Part II The second article on Web Security has been released in the June 2001 issuse of Daemon News and was also highlighted in the featured articles secion of the July 6th edition of Apache Week.
Web Security: Encryption & Authentication The first of two articles on Web Security appeared in the May 2001 edition of Daemon News. This article has also been published in Japan, in the No. 5, July 2001 edition of FreeBSD Press.